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Taxman 2006

For All Residents of Canada
(provided you don't need the muy distinct Quebec Provincial return)

Version 1.3 is ready!

See below at Bugs and Problems for a version history.

Taxman 2006 only comes as an Upgrade so you must already have the full Taxman installed on your computer (any year's full version makes all upgrades work).

Taxman2006 Upgrade Version 1.3 (06setup3.exe, 1.3 MB)

Download Upgrade Taxman 2006

Pressing Download gets you the option of saving or opening the file — you want to save it.
After downloading, just double-click 06setup3.exe to install. Your data files are 06tables.mdb and taxbiz.mdb — back'em up! During an install your data files, if they already exist, are never replaced, but an uninstall will deleted them forever.

New Stuff:

  • No flies on Taxman! This year's program contains a dozen hopefully seamless upgrades (always working for you baby!). For fun, if you get tired of doing your taxes, there's a new Sudoku form to play with.
  • Tax changes galore! Thank the Conservatives for a last-minute tax rules revamp that should guarantee plenty of refunds (cunningly timed for a Spring election!). Be sure to read CRA's guide for all the new changes.
  • Quebec gets a new Schedule 10! Quebec now has a parental insurance plan which on the surface looks like kindhearted government altruism aimed at young families, but down deep I fear it's a scheme to breed more Quebecers! Isn't it ironic that, as the Earth groans under the weight of 6 billion humans, there's a shortage of Quebecers?

Bugs and Problems:

Version 1.0 had yet to see the provincial foreign tax credit form. Version 1.1 cured that.
Unfortuately it did not cure the fact that Version 1.1 thinks you only need employment income of $2,857 to claim the Refundable Medical Supplement, but you actually need 62 dollars more. If your employment income is between $2,856 and $2,919 then the program will calculate an incorrect Medical Supplement, which you won't get, at Line 452.


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