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True Testimonials (full names withheld to protect the innocent)

Does Taxman work?

  • What a treat! I was able to do my taxes, my husbands and stepson (his for 2002 and 2003) in about an hour along with all the schedules we needed. All ready have our assessments back and not one thing was changed. Thank you.
  • You've done a very noble thing even if you decide to charge for subsequent versions, the relief at using unlimited software that installs cleanly, whose setup follows the laws of least surprise and that doesn't insist on phoning home is real.
  • This is the second year I used your program and it works great. Thanks for making it available for makes doing taxes fun....well at least funner than it would be otherwise.
  • We have used Taxman since 2001. The program works great. It has been right every time and we have had no problems with it. Keep up the good work.
  • I have found that your program is a joy to work with; quick, efficient, and accurate.

Do people like that it's free?

  • What a great free product!...My wife and I are on a fixed income, so anything for cheap or free is very welcome. If we gotta pay taxes, it shouldn't cost us more just to figure out how much tax to pay. With your help, that's now a reality. I don't know if you get any fan mail, but please count this as such.
  • I can only wonder at your generosity. There are so few individuals nowadays that are willing to do things for free, and that there is no catch you certainly fall into the category of exceptional.
  • Just a note to tell you how grateful I am for providing your Taxman software for free. In my book you're one 'helluva' nice guy. The program worked just fine and saved us a lot of calculations.
  • Thanks very much for providing your free software. I have used it for my 2001 and 2002 returns and am planning to use it for 2003. Many of my Associates used it and loved.
    Brad CMA

Can Taxman stack up to the competition?

  • I found your software last night and was blown away by it - congratulations on a great, simple, logical way to fill out Revenue Canada forms. Two years ago I used Quicktax and found it somewhat ok but it took longer to figure how to use it than by doing it by hand. This year I thought I'd use Taxwiz - what a nightmare! I spent hours trying to figure how to do one form alone. I downloaded Taxman and was finished in less than an hour - great!
  • I've used your software for the first time this year and find it excellent. A great improvement over the "interview" type programs which assume everyone's an idiot.
  • I was in desperate straits...I had bought Taxwin and it crashed on me. I still have not received any help from the company who markets it....[Your] program seems has not crashed on me as yet...and I am quite good at crashing programs. Congratulations...keep it up.
  • I've been using Intuit QuickTax for the last few years, but I now hate the company for all the protection they add...who knows what they are doing to your computer. And the price? $35 (on sale) for something that's just changed slightly every year. Ripoff. So I searched the internet and found your software. I used it for myself and wife. Excellent software assuming how much I paid for it.
  • We used your software for the 2001 tax year and had no difficulty with our returns despite complications caused by having a small business running for part of the year. The final calculations were as accurate as any I've done with software costing much more....Point to a rooftop and I'll gladly climb up onto it and shout praises for you and your software.
  • Well, thank you! I'm an accountant and ex-tax professional...I hauled out my Intuit Quicktax CD to reinstall because my computer's been wiped and reinstalled since I did the rest of my yearly tax stuff. I won't bore you with my Intuit frustrations from the previous year - suffice it to say that I ended up buying the T1 program twice to avoid the hassle of hours on the Intuit help line. This year I discovered that I had stupidly lost the magical installation key and was contemplating repurchasing rather than trying to talk Intuit out of a new key code. First, though, I went on the net looking for something and stumbled over your software. I downloaded it and got the return done complete with T2124, and I'm very pleased. I confess to reading only the first 2 paragraphs of the help, everything worked pretty well without the words :-)
  • I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic software :) I did my tax is a very short time tonight. Last couple of years I have used Quicktax, but when they propped their price up to $40 this year - I went looking for a less expensive alternative....I have recommended this software to everyone I know - I hope they each spread the word too.
    Ed :)
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