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2015 was the year we were supposed to feel sorry for refugees and Albertans. The teeming hordes coming out of Africa and Asia may all be innocent, but their parents are guilty. What were they thinking? Breeding like flies and hoping for an economic miracle? Or at least hoping that their family could rise above the rest. Today we have Adam Smith's selfish invisible-hand finally coming to its Malthusian conclusion. Over half the world's 7.4 billion people are under 25 and when they all have kids we will drown in the nappies.
Back in the 1960s we all knew there were too many of us. Yet today over-population is never mentioned. It's doesn't seem to be part of the problem leading to refugees or climate change. In fact, if you listen to the news you would think that within a few years Japan, Germany and other mature countries will start running out of people. Even China thinks it time to go to a two-kid policy. Trust me, we are never going to run out of Chinese! This is not the time to take the foot off the brake. We're still headed for a cliff, as this recent zika-virus scare shows.

And as for Albertans? I can't tell you the anguish I feel for them. Once upon a time they got to ram their oil down our throats — oh, how they would sing to us the morals of self-righteous capitalism. Now, they got their little hands out looking for spare change from the rest of us. That sounds like socialism to me. You can't fall much lower than that.
What about the billions they got socked away in their Heritage Fund? And they don't even have a sales tax! Shouldn't they have to bring in an HST first, before asking others to chip in? And since half the people there are millionaires, why not raise income taxes on those fat cats? For years, Alberta has had a 10% tax rate for rich and poor alike. Conservatives love a single tax rate, it's magically supposed to always bring in more money. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be working its magic now, but who cares because Alberta's got the socialists in charge. The NDP aren't scared of the rich — they stand for social justice! Socialists have always promised to raise a "progressive" income tax on the rich, so here's their big chance. Have they got the cojones to do it or not?
The NDP master plan created four more tax brackets and highest, for income over $300,000, is a whopping 1.25% higher than the rate the poorest Albertans have to pay. I expected and bit of a hit to the rich, but not a whole 1.25%! How could those evil NDP commies be so cruel and unfair to the job-providers in their province? How could they punish their hardest-working and most successful citizens? When I saw that 11.25% tax rate for the rich I was stunned.
The poor in Alberta will still pay a 10% tax rate, which is almost twice what the poor pay in BC or Ontario, and the rich will only have to cough up a sliver more. The Alberta NDP have a strong majority and a crisis to blame and they could have set the tax rate at anything they wanted. In BC the top rate is 16.8% starting after $151,050; in New Brunswick it's 25.75% after $250,000. And the best the NDP socialists can come up with is 11.25%! Right there is why I'll never vote NDP.

Before mailing in that tax return, just to be safe, come back and download the latest upgrade.

Taxman 2015 only comes as an Upgrade so you must already have the full Taxman installed on your computer (any year's full version makes all upgrades work

Taxman!   Taxman2015 Upgrade Version 1.1 (15setup1.exe, 1.8 MB)
Revised Jan 13, 2017 — In preparation for 2016 I added some improvements and reworked the program.

Clicking the link below takes you to Google Drive where you have to press the 'Download' button. You then go to a page telling you the file can't be scanned for viruses — press 'Download anyway'. Then a pop-up appears and you hit 'Save File'.

Download Upgrade Version 1.1
from Google Drive!

    Announcing!       New for 2015

The big news back in 2014 was that Schedule 8, for figuring out CPP/QPP contributions, can no longer be ignored. I redesigned the Worksheet to easily handle the changes, so there should have been no problems — provided you use the Worksheet. The big surprise to me was how many people were not using the Worksheet! The Worksheet is the heart of the program and I tell you in the opening message, and repeat everywhere else, that it's the first thing you fill in. But it seems a lot of people aren't reading my wonderful help guides. Which breaks my heart because I probably lost thousands of users because they couldn't figure things out. For 2015 I've made Schedule 8 easier to directly fill in if you want to ignore the Worksheet — but you'd be a fool to do so.

New for the Worksheet, the QPP checkbox has disappeared and now there's a separate column for QPP contributions apart from CPP contributions. This should make things even more moron simple. Be forewarned that the program will, depending on your province, bounce to what it thinks is the correct column and skip over the other one. This may not be right for those who work both in and out of Quebec.

I've upgraded the program to handle a deceased person claiming a capital loss at Line 127. Only the deceased can claim a capital loss against other income and that loss can't be transferred to a spouse and it must be removed in the calculation of certain credits. On the program's surface the wording of some lines have changed, but deep inside another variable is getting wrung through the code, just so that, when you're dead, we got your taxes covered!

And finally with the program, the Saskatchewan senior supplementary amount now automatically fills in if you've managed to live beyond your 65th birthday.

2015 being an election year, there were few changes to the tax return itself — except if you have kids. The family-orientated Conservatives, desperate to get elected, reckoned that a tax refund would take too long and opted for the quick cash-in-hand-for-families plan. This has meant the elimination of the children under 18 deduction, and the federal children's fitness credit has moved from Schedule 1 to Page 4. The fitness credit is now refundable, which means if you run out of taxes to be pay, they'll put the credit in a cheque and send it to you.

Check the guide for the other half-dozen esoteric changes, none of which relate to the average taxpayer.

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